De-Bugging the Trails

There is nothing more fun and exciting than off-roading in your jeep. It is a thrill that anyone who doesn’t do it, will never truly understand. There is a certain challenge in it that pits man, machine, and nature together in a unique mixture. However, anytime you combine man and nature, you are bound to also have a few things that are not so enjoyable and every enthusiast can tell you that de-bugging the trails is not always easy.

Things That Buzz and Bite

When off-roading, especially during the warm weather months, it is virtually impossible to avoid mosquitoes and other insects. They seem to attack you and leave itching bites when you are having the most fun. If you stop to take a break or to regroup with fellow adventurers; the bugs swarm you to the point that they drive you insane. It gets even worse if you are attempting to off road in an area that is swampy or heavy rains just fell. It becomes even more torturous if you know that the insects and mosquitoes will follow you home, hiding in your jeep, and then breed in your yard. That is why many off-roaders choose to fight the mosquito infestation of their yard before it ever has a chance to begin. Perhaps this is something you should also consider.

Leave the Bugs Behind When You Go Home

No one wants to spend a weekend getting attacked by insects and then go home to more of the same. Whether you are going to a camp or home, you will have most likely had all of the bites you want to deal with, and you are tired of smelling like insect repellent. In this situation, you really only have one option. Prevent the bugs from getting a grasp on your lawn or your most favorite campsite by using preventative measures to eliminate breeding grounds. This means ensuring that you do not allow standing water to stand long enough to become a breeding ground and keeping the area around your home free of leaves and stuff which will hold water. You may also consider getting a propane mosquito repellent for yard because these devices will catch the mosquitoes that follow you home before they have a chance to multiply.

Enjoy Your Personal, Insect-Free Space

It is not possible to eliminate all insects from your life. No one can promise that you will never receive another mosquito or gnat bite, but we can say that you can lower you chances of being bugged when you are out of the woods and back on the main roads. The person who said that everything has its place was right. Mosquitoes belong in off road areas and you may have to deal with them in that area, but your home is not where they belong. To win, and keep them where they belong; you will have to work at debugging after you get off the trails. It is not going to happen overnight, but by using propane traps and repellents, you can enjoy an outdoor experience that does not include bug bites. Are you ready to be bugged less?