Private Off Road Parks

4 Wheel MagazineOff-roading is an exciting way to spend the weekend. It is something that gets you out of the house, out of the city, and into the woods for a thrilling adventure using your favorite four-wheeler, dirt bike, and more. There are public parks that allow you to go off-roading and then there are private or member only off road parks that you must pay to get into. There are some people who feel that the private off road parks are able to provide more fun than all other options. If you haven’t given them a try, perhaps it is time that you do.

National Parks and Free Areas to Ride

Off-roading in national parks can be exciting. These trails are often less challenging because they are more natural. However, this does not mean that you should expect them to be easy. There may still be flooded areas and steep climbs, depending on where you are riding. The problem is, many of these parks strive to protect the environment. In areas where certain animals may thrive, you may have an off-limits area to protect their habitat or their breeding ground. Often, there are no set up campsite areas for you to use, no electricity, and very few facilities. They are perfect for people who are just getting started and want to see what the off-road adventure is all about.

Why Paid Parks May Be Best

4 Wheel BibleIf you look at some of the biggest and best paid off road parks, you will discover there are a lot of features to enjoy. A great example of this is located at Windrock, which can be found in Tennessee. It is an off road park that provides visitors with cabins and more than 300 miles of trails that spread out over more than 72,000 acres of land. It provides virtually every obstacle that you could want and it isn’t the only park that offers these features. As a member, you will have the opportunity to meet others who love the same activities and you can all gather up on the weekends to hang out and have a great time. Some of these parks also offer events throughout the year to ensure that you always feel that you are being challenged to push yourself and your chosen vehicle further.

Protecting the Parks

National ParksIn every case, whether you are venturing into a national park or a private, paid park; there will be rules to entering and in some cases gates to pass through. In the event that you are a paying member of a park, you can expect to have a higher quality security gate like the solar powered driveway gates seen on the driveway gates for sale site. These gates are put in place to not only protect the campground from unwelcome guests, but to ensure that vandalism is kept to a minimum. It also ensures that if you leave your RV behind while you go off in your off-road vehicle, you will know that it will be as you left it when you return. Most national parks or public areas do not promise to protect what is yours and that is perhaps the biggest reason people choose to pay a little more for fun.