Club Info

1. Name – This club shall be known as “Twisted Binderz IH Off-Road Club”.

2. Purpose – The purpose for which the club is organized is exclusively for pleasure, recreation and other similar non-profitable purposes.

3. Committee – Number – There will be six people in the Committee: Chief Officer, Vice Chief Officer, Administrative Officer, Web Master, Trail Boss, and the Event Coordinator.

4. Core Members – Core members are the founding members of Twisted Binderz and are the higher order of the club. Final say in any club manner will be the right of the core members.


5. Membership – Qualifications – Members must be at least 18 years old, own an International Harvester four-wheel drive vehicle and go on at least one outing per year. Every member must have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and an Inspection if required by the state the member resides.

5.1. Each IH 4×4 must have the following required safety items.

  • Tow points front/rear
  • Tow strap (recommended rated at 2 times the vehicle weight.)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • CB radio tuned to channel 4
  • First aid Kit.
  • Roll Bar (Full cage highly recommended)
  • Functional parking brake or micro lock (brake lock).
  • Jack capable of lifting the vehicle and a tool capable of removing the lug nuts.
  • Spare tire equal to or within 3 inches of existing tires on the vehicle (no temporary spares).
  • Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good/full, appropriately stored.
  • Seat belts for all passengers.
  • Antenna(s) must not exceed 4’6″, except when longer antennas/whips are required by certain OHV areas.
  • Battery hold downs (no bungee cords).
  • A computer, since it’s our link to the others.

Now you’re asking why so many requirements? If you are going to join Twisted Binderz you need to know that there will not be many “stocker runs” in this club. While on the trail your vehicle may be at risk. At times your 4X4 can receive scratches, dents, take on water or even rollover. Understand that Twisted Binderz Off-Road club is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle.

Think about these two scenarios and ask yourself what trip would you rather have been on:


Scenario 1: “Today the club traveled to Boondocks Rock Park and five min into the trail Johnny Bravo got stuck in the mud. Hum maybe it was the bald stock tires? Well any way his rig had no tow connections points and he had no winch or tow straps so we spent an hour getting him unstuck! Jim Bob burned up his winch pulling him free and Joe Shmoe cut his hand on the winch cable. Joe forgot his first aid kit again so I used mine for the billionth time (note to self running low on first aid). Well we finally got going and not ten minutes later Johnny Bravo decided he was invincible and headed for Dead Mans Cliff. If he’d had a CB I could have warned him but half over the cliff he went. Thank God he was paying attention and stopped in time. Too bad Joe Shmoe doesn’t have an E-Brake. In his hurry to come to Johnny’s aid his rig popped out of gear and rolled down the hill crashing into Johnny’s rig and over the cliff it went! No roll cage…goodie. Well at least no one was in his rig. Joe’s rig was okay except a cut tire. I can’t believe I let Joe use my spare again! This is the third time he’s cut a tire with no spare. After Johnny’s battery came loose from the bungee cords and melted on his motor in the roll over, he decided to canx one from Billy Bob’s rig. We spent all day not a mile from the entrance. Boy I thought this trip was going to be a wheeling trip not a recovery training session?”


Scenario 2: “Today the club traveled to Boondocks Rock Park and five min into the trail Johnny Bravo got stuck in the mud but we broke in his new tow strap and yanked him out. Everyone else made it through the mud without much trouble. We left the easy trails behind and got to take in some spectacular views! On Dead Mans Cliff everyone with the extreme rigs put on quite a show. I got some good pics for the web page when Billy Bob’s rig did an endow coming down the cliff! Minor bumps and scratches, but no real injury except his pride. (Note to self: Man he has the best first aid kit in his rig. I need to add some of the stuff he’s got in my kit). As far as his rig, no big deal…his cage worked flawlessly and everyone helped to right his rig. Man this club is on the ball! Johnny Bravo had his fire extinguisher ready and everyone really helped out. After all was well everyone was whooping and hollering and having a good time.

Well we covered a lot of ground this weekend, I had a blast! I can’t wait till next year.”


What trip would you have liked to have been on? When everyone is prepared, everyone has fun, and the less likely you will need all the equipment you bring along excessively. Stuff still happens. Even the best built rig can break. The point is if you’re prepared the road ahead is a lot easier.


5.2 What your rig must have/be?

  • An International Harvester semi-modified or modified off road vehicle or an International Harvester in a dedicated building process.

5.3 Other “recommended” equipment for rock crawling, but not required:

  • Skid plates for gas tank, oil pan, steering, rockers etc.
  • Air compressor / Power Tank for airing up tires.
  • Full roll cage.
  • Winch


6. Who we are? – Twisted Binderz Off Road Club came about during the fall of 1995 after Steve Tucker and Rick Boyer met at Ricks house to tinker with their binders. The Club started out as Just Scout’n Around all IH Club based in Wichita KS. Our membership grew steadily since the conception and at one time we had over 50 members. Rick Boyer passed away in July 99 and the club disbanded for a few years.

We are now Twisted binderz and we are no longer a local club. Our members come from all walks of life and all ages. We are an IH Club centered on 4WD and Off-Road with Binderz. An Exclusive Off Road Club of IH folks bent on building rigs that will hold their own on the trail all day long.

Now don’t get the wrong Idea. It’s not about spending lots and lots of bling bling. On the contrary, it’s about using tricks and smart tech and home built ideas to get the job done. All the members are tight like a family helping each other out. The 800’s in our Club are using Scout II axels and some the Scout II’s are going to GM SOA. We do a lot of the work ourselves. We plan to have welders and a tube bender soon. The more we can do ourselves the more built our rigs become.

Now if 4WD and Off-Road are not the primary priorities with your rig(s) then I might suggest you contact Heartland IH club also here in KS. They do go 4-wheeling but also do other non Off-Road related IH events.

Our Club requires that you have an internet connection and you use the Bulletin Board on our site. We have 90% of our meetings thru the board. This way when we do have a get together we can focus on fun and BS’ing and not bland meeting topics and hum-drum political garbage. If Off-Road is your Game then you might register on the board (if not already) and say hi. Please let us know who you are when you do though.

Another thing you may need to know is that this club is fueled by sarcasm. If you can’t take a group of sarcastic, fun loving, jokin’, not-so-on-the-serious side folk then we would probably annoy you. LOL


7.  What we do? – We have two mandatory general membership meetings a year.

The first is held on New Years Eve at the Annual “New Years Twisted Binder Bash”. It’s our big ol party bash and involves Off Roading followed by good food, friends and fun!

The second meeting is held at an event we sponsor or attend and will be announced before the event on our bulletin board.

We go on club “runs” where we drive to a place that we can Off Road on legally designated off pavement roads such as in National Forests and OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) parks. one such place is the Tuttle Creek OHV park located in Northern Kansas. Club runs are usually one day, but some involve two or three day stays during an event. Runs are always on or connected to a weekend.

We also participate in the larger runs put on by other clubs. Those events are located throughout KS, OK and CO.

We also participate in “conservation projects” that come up. We participate by supplying manpower to help them do projects that are needed to improve off pavement areas. It is to our benefit to help out on these important projects as it not only helps us, but helps the land managers know we are around and willing to help out when needed.


8.  How to Join? – The best way to gain membership is to get involved. Come on some runs and meet the members. Register on our Club’s Bulletin Board and request info on membership. You will be given a sponsor who will be your guide for the prospect phase. Your membership into the club is then put to the members for acceptance. One “no” vote will require discussion of all the members and final say rests with the core members and the committee. Your sponsor will inform you of the clubs decision. After you have been approved you will go through a one year probationary period, after all you will be representing Twisted Binderz.


9.  What does it cost? –


    • Each family pays Annual dues of 15.00 that are due the months of February and July (30.00 a year). Fees cover web page maintenance, newsletters, postage, club events, cost of your club decal, and most important to fund club interests.


    • Each family pays a one-time initiation fee of $5.00. Annual dues of 5.00 are due the months of February and July. Fees cover web page maintenance, newsletters, postage, club events, cost of your club decal, and most important to fund club interests.


    • Each family pays a one-time initiation fee of $35.00. (Refunded if you are not accepted)


  • Each sponsor pays a yearly fee of $15.00. A web banner may be purchased for 20.00 a year.


10.  What are the requirements? –

All members must follow the following rules:

  • No drinking while driving on road or off!!! EVER! If you like to drink while you wheel this is not the club for you. We’ll drink at camp! 😉 (if your 21 or older, dUh!)
  • NO LITTERING! We will leave an area as good as we found it (hopefully better)! Pack it in, Pack it out.
  • SAFETY FIRST! We do not encourage stupidity!
  • If you have small children around be aware there may be some foul language at times.
  • Sometimes there are small children around. Therefore, foul language should be avoided.
  • Each member is expected to uphold and maintain the good name and public image of the Twisted Binderz Off-Road Club. Any member violating this rule in excess will be dealt with accordingly. Problems will be addressed by the committee.

PROSPECT MEMBERSHIP: To become a “PROSPECT” you must be active for at least 6 months. In other words, don’t say you want to be in the club then we don’t see or hear from you for six months. You must be active on the Bulletin Board and try to attend some runs.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP: General Members are generally folks who don’t currently have a semi-modified or modified IH or are not currently involved in a build up of such a vehicle, but want to be kept in the loop as to what the club is up to. General membership can be upgraded to Full Membership at any time as long as the General Member meets the requirements in section 5. General Members converting to Full Members can do so without having to become a prospect as long as the member was a General Member for more than six months. (General members may not drive at off-road events but can be a spectator or spotter). A General member must at least try to be active on the bulletin board.

General Members are entitled to:

  1. Access to the “member only area” of the club web site.
  2. Second Priority on all club parts trucks at a reduced cost.
  3. Club Newsletter.

FULL MEMBERSHIP: Full members are the primary members that drive their rigs and go wheeling. They meet all the requirements of section 5 and have successfully completed their prospect membership and have been voted into the club by the members. Full members in build up stage may not drive in an event or outing until they meet all the requirements of Section 5.

Full Members are entitled to:

  1. A spec sheet on your rig with multiple pictures on the web site.
  2. A “Twisted Binderz” decal.
  3. Access to the “Member only area” of the club web site.
  4. Access to the “Full Member only area” of the club web site.
  5. A vote in all club decisions.
  6. Access to club parts rigs, RTI and Teeter Totter Ramps. (Most parts Free)
  7. Priority on all club parts trucks.
  8. Club Newsletter.

Full Members must follow the rules of the club to include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Full Members need to practice being good followers and leaders. This means keeping the 4X4 in front of and behind you in sight at all times. Let people know if they are getting way out in front. It’s your call and you are supposed to have a radio…make the call.
  • Never leave a member behind…EVER! If they are acting in a manner unbecoming a Twisted Binder member we’ll bring it up later.
  • All participating vehicles must pass the trail bosses inspection.
  • Full Members must attend at least one general membership meeting a year.
  • Full Members must drive his/her 4×4 on at least one overnight club run having a current Committee Member along on the run within one year.
  • Pay Annual dues on time.
  • Members must be committed to being active in the club, keeping dues current and participating in the activities such as conservation projects. Full Members must be active on the bulletin board.
  • SAFETY FIRST! We do not encourage stupidity!
  • Own an IHC light truck you plan on wheeling, running or in build up phase.


Internet Requirement

To be a member of Twisted Binderz, you MUST have an active internet connection to stay current, and participate in club discussions and topics.

The club eliminates 80% of the need to have a meeting by talking about issues on the website.

This also enables us to focus on having fun at events or general membership meetings.